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gasoline on the market today have 90,93,95,97 & other labels, these figures represent the gasoline octane number, which is representative of antiknock gasoline, 93 octane gasoline is 93 to gasoline, suitable for mid-range car (Bibi lower compression), at 0:00 on December 22, 2010 from the national Development & Reform Commission raised the retail price of gasoline & diesel, 93, 97, -10, 5 kinds of gasoline & diesel are labeled on the premise that contains the fuel tax.

China International Fuel Group in 2011 to set up branches in Hong Kong responsible for Asian countries to promote new technologies and technical support projects.
China International Fuel Corporation is the use of renewable resources, bio-tech means to the Division 93 # gasoline, 97 # gasoline and 0 # diesel oil production, fully meet the national quality inspection standards.
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