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Petroleum and petrochemical industry, the central enterprises increased monopoly profits surge again provoke controversy
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SASAC has gradually open the central enterprises in 2010 "report card." 120 central enterprises achieved a total net profit of 852.27 billion yuan, up 42.8% over the previous year. Among them, to 124.18 billion yuan net profit in the oil to become the most profitable central enterprises, net profit of 270.54 billion yuan petrochemical industry places become the most profitable industry.

For such a beautiful "report card", it seems still not satisfied. Some of which also attracted some criticism. Henan University of Economics and Law Institute Fanming market economy that, in the 120 central enterprises, Sinopec’s net profit accounted for all three strong central rate more than 30% profit is not normal, is obviously a serious excess profits, the monopoly is over the product.

This view is quite representative. Some critics also pointed out that three of China’s petroleum and petrochemical companies a monopoly of mining petroleum and petrochemical, oil imports and sales, profit surge shows three giant monopoly in the petroleum and petrochemical industry intensifies, the industry’s "cake" to a monopoly in the hands of all the focus . This is clearly inappropriate.

According to the SASAC disclosure of data, to see net profit attributable to parent company, 120 central enterprises only six loss-making enterprises, loss of 3.03 billion yuan Datang Group, China Unicom loss of 4.14 billion yuan, China Aluminum loss 2.8 billion loss of 1.47 billion yuan in the Steel Group, China Printing Group loss of 040 million yuan, 020 million yuan loss of the Rainbow Group. Compared with 2009, the two companies to reduce losses.

In profitable enterprises, the "wealth gap" great. As noted above, the petrochemical industry, oil, Sinopec and CNOOC, the jackpot, the mobile communications industry in places 97.27 billion yuan net profit in the oil immediately after ranking second in earnings list. Power industry in the thermal power losses, but the central power grid companies, power companies are well-paid secondary sector, a net profit of 72.11 billion yuan. Compared with them, machinery and equipment manufacturing, trade, air transport and other industries, such as Vladimir sighed. This scene seems to be more prominent this year, starting in 2008 after the 4 trillion yuan infrastructure dinner near the end. Machinery and equipment manufacturing, building and construction industry will face more severe challenges of the market environment.

There are studies that demonstrated the performance of state-owned enterprises is not a real performance, state-owned enterprises enjoy various preferential policies, they are very dependent on such benefits. This is more clear from the profit distribution. Monopoly profits, the stronger the industry more competitive, the stronger the industry profit is less.

A comment even suggested that the central rate of rosy blood and tears behind the small and medium enterprises, "a perfect market economy is the country’s vitality and power of private enterprise and private investment, creating jobs in China, the main force is private enterprises, private , such a small living space of its production to China is definitely not a good sign the economy now, small and medium enterprises, private enterprises face unprecedented difficulties, said a deep level, and state-owned enterprises, especially state-owned monopoly cut away the economic chain of the ’cake ’too many are not unrelated. "

Fanming said to reflect the assessment of state-owned monopoly. "If you leave the state-owned monopoly, should be the basic reason is that state-owned monopoly can better serve the public, so that, for the basic assessment of state-owned monopolies should be the state-owned monopoly is not good for people to provide products and services, the people of these state-owned monopoly products and services are satisfactory, and should not be how much excess profits, excess profits are due to the performance of inefficient allocation of resources. "

He also suggested that an independent third-party monopoly of state-owned public satisfaction survey of systems science, in particular, continue to earn excess profits is a state-owned monopolies such as petrochemicals to investigate the Big Three, and as for these state-owned monopoly important basis for the assessment of enterprises, rather than on the level of its profits to the state-owned monopoly executives bonuses.

(Editor: Jiang Xiao Bai)


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